Appraisal Service

Pertains To Any Donations Of $5k Or More

For those out there that do not know, it is now required to get an appraisal on any donation of $5k and above. This is another hassle for anyone that is using a platform other than ours to donate. They will need to go to a completely different site to receive their appraisal and then when that is done they will be able to go and actually make their donation. With our platform, users will be given the choice to get the appraisal done at the same time as they are completing their donation. As a matter of fact, in most cases, users will not even need to wait on the appraisal. They will be able to complete their donation in the same amount of time it takes anyone else because we will allow them to sign an agreement saying that an appraisal is being done and that the donation will move forward under the assumption that the appraisal will produce a certain expected value. The agreement will also state that if the appraisal comes back with something other than the expected result that we will get in touch with the person donating and they can decide to either cancel the donation or go along with the lower value. If the donator doesn't adhere to that then the donation will just be canceled entirely and the tokens will go into a wallet that the donator can claim within a certain timeframe.