Our Values

As a team one of the first things we decided on before we agreed to work on this project together is that we needed a specific set of values set in place that we all agreed to take seriously and honor. These are the values that we agreed should be important to any company/project.
  • Transparency - We will never hide or lie about anything, ever. Not to our community nor to each other.
  • Integrity - Every team member should always hold themselves and their teammates accountable at all times. If you say you going to do something you do it, period.
  • Strong Morals - All team members now and going forward should have a strong moral compass. As adults, we know how to decipher right and wrong, there should be no second guessing or "moral dilemmas" in anything we do.
  • Honesty - All team members should be honest not only with others but with themselves as well.
  • Respect - As the golden rule states "Treat others how you want to be treated" We will always treat each other with nothing less than respect at all times.
Every team member agreed to honor these 5 values and build the company around them. As the company grows, we will make sure that all new team members can and will uphold the same set of values. We want to show and prove that it is possible for a project to stand by these types of values and also make our investors the "huge returns" they so badly want. We want to show that Good Karma can be very rewarding and always worth it!